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Harmful communication is costly.

Introducing Reflect AI™


You’ve heard of grammar check and spellcheck. Meet harmcheck™. Checking for harm to your brand, customers, investors, and employees. Reflect AI is an easy-to-use communication add-on for Outlook™ and Gmail™ that flags harmful, unlawful, and unethical language before you hit "send." Protect your company from reputational damage, ethical breaches, and costly litigation.

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Reduce your risk of litigation. 

Reflect AI is your antivirus and insurance for your daily communication. Don't risk another day.


is spent on litigation annually in the U.S., and rising.


per year is spent on corporate lawsuits stemming from toxic and discriminatory communication.


of annual corporate revenues will be spent on litigation stemming from harmful communication.

Risk mitigation and detection in real time.

Your team will get clear feedback while composing emails to ensure their messages are as risk-free and respectful as possible, rather than after the problem has occurred. Reflect AI allows employees to reconsider and rephrase language that may land them — and your company — in serious hot water.

Restricted Lists by Alphy is a new solution to protect banking confidentiality, mitigate regulatory, legal, and deal risk with greater detection accuracy and far fewer unnecessary alerts.

Using real-time detection, it instantly identifies and alerts for company names and stock ticker symbols on restricted lists.

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Foster respectful language.

Our words have the power to build or destroy, help or harm. Not only does Reflect AI flag harmful language (including workplace discrimination prohibited by federal law), but it also encourages helpful and respectful language.

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Better communication compliance.

Reflect AI is a proprietary system trained on a large language model with 13 billion parameters and more than 800GB of text. It has thousands of professionally hand-written training sentences based on a careful study of harmful, unlawful, and unethical language, resulting in an LLM that can identify dozens of types of respectful and harmful language.

Weekly communication summaries and nudge coaching.

Reflect AI gives users a snapshot of their language for the week and generates proprietary lessons, stories, and deeper knowledge dives, based on their communication strengths and weaknesses, delivering personalized real-time learning at scale.

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What companies are saying.

“We work with multiple businesses and their employees as we insure for general liability concerns. Reflect AI has become a go-to solution to protect our clients and our insurance business.”

“This is a perfect tool for our startup. We can’t afford an HR department, but we now have a monitor for bad language and teacher for good language.”

– Steve, co-founder of a tech startup

– Stephanie, insurance business owner 

“I have become more considerate when communicating professionally and personally.”

– Amanda, operations manager, tech company

“I appreciate how it keeps my guys from writing stupid sh** and costing me a lot of headaches and lawsuits.”

– Todd, commercial construction company

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