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Using AI to help teams communicate in a more productive way.

Reflect is designed for businesses of all sizes. Our AI software and extensions help teams communicate more confidently and collaboratively, driving improved results in sales, marketing, recruiting, and company culture. Individuals become more aware of their words, tone, and speech in real time in their written and video communications.

Reflect™ helps your teams navigate the costly pitfalls of ageism, sexism, racism and other biases.

Ninety-one percent of workers today say their messages have been misunderstood or misinterpreted. Reflect encourages constructive and positive language, and provides an objective view of conversations to help everyone understand how their words may be interpreted by others.


What people are saying.

“It has made me realize that I apologize when apologies are unwarranted.” - Rob 

“Reflect makes me wait, rethink,
and write a better email.”
 – Sakib

“I have become more considerate when communicating professionally and personally.”  – Amanda

“It reminds me to check if my tone aligns with my intent and avoid miscommunication.”  – Anan

“Reflect makes me kinder in my communications.”  – David

“Reflect has changed my life. It helped me to realize just how much my words matter.”   Mia

Reflect before you hit send.

What if your team members could get feedback while composing emails to ensure their messages are as effective and respectful as possible? Reflect analyzes messages for tone, confidence, and inclusion, allowing users an opportunity to reconsider and rephrase language that may be offensive, negative, or problematic — before hitting “send.”

Reflect extension for Gmail shown.

gmail example.png

It’s like having a personal communication coach in your video meetings.

What if your team had a communication coach to give feedback about what’s being said in video meetings? Reflect provides users individual, on-screen feedback that allows them to adjust their tone and content in real time. Remember, it's never too late to change your narrative!

Reflect extension for Google Meet shown.

Assess and improve.

Get a snapshot of how you’re communicating on all your communication channels. Check out suggestions for further reading — from Reflect’s library of original content — to help you in areas where you can improve, such as confidence or ageism.

Coming soon.

Reflect summary REV3.png

Using AI to improve human communication.

Thanks for joining our beta list. We'll reach out when your company can get access!

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