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Reflect AI works where you do.


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Reflect AI for Microsoft Outlook™

Great for companies looking to reduce the risk and cost of harmful and unlawful communication while improving team communication. Language summaries and nudge training included.

To install the in-app add-in, open Microsoft Outlook™ and select the three dots in the top menu bar then "Get Add-ins". Search for "Reflect AI" and click "Add". The Reflect AI icon will appear in the top menu. When composing an email, click the Reflect icon.


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Reflect AI for Google Gmail™ Workspace

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses that want to minimize the risk and cost of harmful and unlawful communication in Gmail, while advancing more effective communication for all. Includes communication summaries and targeted content.

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Reflect AI for Gmail™

Great for individuals looking to improve their daily communication - and stop worrying about every email sent.

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Reflect AI for Google Meet™ (BETA)

Get real-time private feedback on what you say in video meetings, allowing you to adjust your tone and message as needed before the meeting has ended.

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Reflect AI for Webex™ (BETA)

Turn on Reflect AI in Webex video meetings to get real-time feedback for your team’s communication. Reflect AI flags potentially harmful and unlawful speech in a way that is clear, anonymous (no one is singled out), and always affirmative. 

Need help?

If you have any questions or issues downloading Reflect AI please contact or visit our FAQs

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