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Less litigation.
Better communication.

Introducing Reflect AI, an add-on for Outlook™ and Gmail™ that detects and flags harmful and unlawful language, while encouraging helpful communication before you hit send.


Miscommunication is costly.


is spent on litigation annually in the U.S., and rising.


per year is spent on corporate lawsuits stemming from harmful miscommunication.


of annual corporate revenues will be spent on litigation from miscommunication.


Are your words helpful or harmful?

Our words have the power to build or destroy. Reflect AI detects and flags harmful language (including discriminatory statements based on federal law), and appropriateness, sexism, racism, ageism, etc., while applauding helpful and encouraging language.

Using a powerful AI classification engine.

Something here that speaks to the really hard to replicate technology behind Reflect AI, and hopefully some words that most don't know related to using AI - "training data", "classification engines", retaliatory and class-protected etc.

Screen Shot 2023-09-26 at 11.12.18 AM.png

Reflect AI for Gmail™

Get feedback while composing emails to ensure your messages are as risk-free and respectful as possible. Our extension for Gmail ™ allows users an opportunity to reconsider and rephrase language that may be harmful — before hitting “send.”


An extension for Google Meet™ is also available.

Reflect AI for Microsoft Outlook™

This add-in for Microsoft™ Outlook™ on the web, flags harmful and helpful language but also includes a weekly summary of your communication and suggests content based on your communication trends.

Reflect AI add-in for Microsoft Outlook™ shown.

Reflect summary REV3.png

Weekly communication summaries and nudge coaching.

Reflect AI generates proprietary lessons, stories, and deeper knowledge dives, based on the user’s communication strengths and weaknesses, delivering personalized real-time learning at scale.

Available in the add-ons for Microsoft Outlook™ and Gmail™

What people are saying.

“It has made me realize that I apologize when apologies are unwarranted.” Rob 

“Reflect makes me wait, rethink,
and write a better email.”

“I have become more considerate when communicating professionally and personally.”  – Amanda

“It reminds me to check if my tone aligns with my intent and avoid miscommunication.”  – Anan

“Reflect makes me kinder in my communications.”  – David

“Reflect has changed my life. It helped me to realize just how much my words matter.”  – Mia

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