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Andy Brown on Alphy’s Reflect AI — How to Reduce Litigation from Employee Communication

Andy Brown on Alphy’s Reflect AI — How to Reduce Litigation in Employee Communication

Throughout my career, I have witnessed the evolution of semantic analysis tools and technologies across various financial giants like UBS, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, and Merrill Lynch, where I held roles including CTO and chief technology architect. Each of these institutions has used a fairly consistent approach to leveraging technology to aid compliance and risk management, as there is a limited number of vendors and few have invested to build proprietary capability in what is essentially the cost side of the business.

Many tools promised more than they delivered, leaving compliance teams to sift through mountains of irrelevant alerts, false positives, false negatives. However, in September 2023, I came across a new semantic analysis technology called Reflect AI by Alphy that grabbed my attention. I was at the Sun Valley Seed to Growth conference, co-hosted by StageDot0 and Capital Eleven, and Julian Guthrie, the founder and CEO of Alphy, was presenting.

Julian demonstrated Reflect AI and explained its ability to detect harmful, helpful, unlawful, and unethical language in digital communication, it was clear that this wasn’t just another incremental technological improvement; it was a paradigm shift. Reflect AI provides both a back-end safety net for companies to mitigate harm and a front-end capability fully integrated with Gmail and Outlook for employees, letting them know that what they are about to send could land them in hot water. It’s not about policing people’s words but about preventing harm both for individuals and corporations.

During her presentation, Julian illustrated how Reflect AI easily integrates into existing workflows, from email to chat, reducing the number of false positives while enhancing the accuracy and speed of detection. The technology’s ability to understand context and nuances in communication is the best I have seen.

Having spent decades navigating the complexities of financial compliance, I’ve seen first hand the limitations of traditional compliance solutions. Most systems rely heavily on keyword and lexicon-based surveillance, which inevitably results in a plethora of false positives. These outdated methods not only waste valuable resources but also react only after an incident has occurred, when too often the only recourse is costly litigation or “stored risk” in email archives.

The team’s deep understanding of language, combined with an intuitive interface, sets this technology apart. Reflect AI doesn’t just flag potential issues; it detects and analyzes them in real time, providing actionable insights that can prevent problems before they escalate. This proactive approach is a game-changer for employees, compliance and risk management.

Reflect AI by Alphy represents a significant leap forward in compliance technology. It’s worth paying attention to what Julian Guthrie and her team are doing. They’re setting a new standard and redefining what’s possible. Trust me; this is one innovation you don’t want to miss.

Another differentiator in Alphy is Julian herself. She had been a journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle for 20 years and is the author of five nonfiction books. Her entire career has been focused on words, and she has risen to the top of her field. Her journalism was nominated a dozen times for a Pulitzer Prize, and three of her books became NYT best-sellers. Julian and her team have taken a different approach to building an AI classifier, one that is human-centric and relies on the specialized skills of the Alphy trainers. Today, Reflect AI has dozens of labels detecting a range of harm, from harassment to document tampering. Reflect AI has a remarkable 92.4% accuracy detection rate with its 27 labels. It is also intentionally non-activist, rational, and adheres to laws around protected classes and a clear understanding of harmful, unlawful, and unethical communication. As I see it, it is superior training for a superior solution. It will also get better over time as underlying AI engines improve.

Andy Brown is an Alphy advisor who is the CTO of Fintech Innovation Lab, CEO of Sand Hill East and Board member at Zscaler, Pure Storage, Moogsoft, Digital Asset and Skyhive. This blog post was originally published on Medium.

Reflect AI by Alphy is an AI communication compliance solution that detects and flags language that is harmful, unlawful, and unethical in digital communication. Alphy was founded to reduce the risk of litigation from harmful and discriminatory communication while helping employees communicate more effectively.


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