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Jason Zann on Alphy's Reflect AI: A Wristwatch-Elegant Solution for Compliance Challenges

Jason Zann on Alphy's Reflect AI: A Wristwatch-Elegant Solution for Compliance Challenges

I spend a considerable amount of personal time researching tools and solutions looking for novel AI-scaled solutions that are practical, easy to use and work just as your wristwatch does by telling the correct time without having to know how a watch works. In essence the simple, elegant solution that just gets the job done. So when I was approached by a new AI company, Reflect AI by Alphy, and found it hit my personal “wristwatch simplicity and elegance” benchmark, it was easy for me to agree to be an advisor. Reflect AI by Alphy is a pioneering company in the field of AI-driven compliance solutions, and is redefining the way companies address the challenge of maintaining lawful, ethical, respectful, and safe communication within the digital workspace. At the heart of Alphy's innovation is Reflect AI, a tool designed to safeguard organizations from the perils of unlawful, unethical, harmful, and or accidental language that can permeate digital communications such as emails and texts. 

This blog delves into how having a digital assistant working alongside you and your inbox can empower your users to address risks before they become an incident. Reflect AI from Alphy has harnessed the power and promise of AI and delivered it in a lightweight plugin designed to address the risk where it starts, hitting the ‘send button’. This works in harmony with existing compliance detection systems by adding another layer at the user’s inbox vs. at the gateway or mail server.

Reflect AI emerges as a cutting-edge solution against the backdrop of an increasingly litigious and compliance-focused business environment. It operates as a real-time communication compliance integration for popular platforms like Outlook™ and Gmail™, meticulously scanning for harmful, unlawful, unethical, and insecure language or intent before a message is sent​​. This preemptive capability is crucial, not just for preventing potential legal battles and reputational damage, but also for fostering a culture of respect and understanding within the workplace.

The annual expenditure on litigation related to toxic and discriminatory communication is staggering, with corporations spending approximately $1.2 trillion. Reflect AI's real-time feedback mechanism ensures that messages are risk-free and respectful, significantly mitigating the risk of litigation, which consumes about 27% of corporate revenues annually​. The AI is powered by a large language model with 13 billion parameters and trained on over 800GB of text, including tens of thousands of professionally hand-written sentences. This comprehensive training enables Reflect AI to identify a wide range of language types​ to level up respectfulness to address accidental disclosures.

Alphy's mission extends beyond mere compliance; it is about using AI to help us communicate more humanely and with trust. This philosophy is deeply embedded in their approach to AI development, with a strong commitment to privacy, security, and ethical principles. Reflect AI also supports organizations in cultivating a positive work environment by providing weekly communication summaries and nudge coaching. These features offer personalized learning experiences at scale, allowing employees to improve their communication strengths and address weaknesses​​.

As I see it, through my years of work in cybersecurity, Reflect AI by Alphy has come out as a leader in identifying language in digital communication that might be harmful or sensitive, replacing antiquated lexicon-based solutions for all organizations that leverage digital communications, both large and small. Looking through today’s lens of compliance and security, it only takes one instance of oversight and the sending of text or email that erodes trust and produces an exposure. 

 Employees, contractors, and users want to do the right thing; however, in a world that has increasingly gone digital for communications, coupled with the velocity of doing business in the digital world, humans make mistakes. Reflect AI informs users of potential mistakes — when you put on your blinker and your car warns you another car is in your blindspot and saves you from a wreck, Reflect AI is that for your inbox. 

In conclusion, Alphy's Reflect AI represents a paradigm shift in how companies approach the challenge of maintaining digital communication compliance, by helping the users with compliance. By leveraging advanced AI technology to proactively detect and mitigate harmful communication, Alphy offers a solution that is not only effective in preventing legal and reputational risks but also plays a vital role in promoting a culture of respect within the workplace. Reflect AI stands as a testament to the potential of AI to revolutionize compliance and communication practices in the digital age.

Jason Zann is an Alphy advisor who has spent 25+ years working in cybersecurity, including at iSIGHT Partners, RiskIQ, and is now at Microsoft. His opinions contained in this blog article are strictly his own and based on his years of experience.

Reflect AI by Alphy is an AI communication compliance solution that detects and flags language that is harmful, unlawful, and unethical in digital communication. Alphy was founded to reduce the risk of litigation from harmful and discriminatory communication while helping employees communicate more effectively.


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