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Download links and instructions for all platforms are provided below.

Reflect for Google_4x.png

Reflect AI Extension for Gmail

Reflect before you hit send with this extension designed specifically for use in Gmail in Chrome.

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Reflect AI Extension for Google Meet

Get feedback about what you say in video meetings with on-screen feedback that allows you to adjust your tone and content in real time.

Reflect for Google_4x.png

Reflect AI Add-on for Gmail

Open Gmail in Chrome and select "Get Add-ons" on the right side panel. When the Google Workspace Marketplace loads, search for "Reflect AI", select it and click "Add". Reflect AI will appear in the side Add-ons panel.

Reflect for Outlook_4x.png

Reflect AI Add-in for Outlook
 Web Version)

You can also add Reflect to Outlook by clicking on "Get Add-ins" from within the Outlook app. Search for Reflect and then click "Add" and follow instructions.


Reflect AI Add-on for Webex

Coming Soon!

Need help?

Contact if you have any questions  regarding Reflect AI for Gmail or Google Workspace.

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