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“Reflect was born out of a passion to share untold stories of success.

In a world fueled by words, Alphy was founded to spotlight untold tales of triumph. As a journalist and author, I had witnessed how language could sculpt our realities. Yet, in our global village, many still grapple to forge meaningful connections. Today's polarized discourse often sparks legal battles, tarnishes brands, and stymies potential. Missteps in communication breed costly lawsuits, draining U.S. companies of over $400 billion annually. This glaring issue ignited the creation of Alphy and our flagship product, Reflect AI.


At Alphy, we're on a mission to defuse destructive communication with finely honed AI.

The complexity of digital interaction, exacerbated by hybrid and remote work, presents unique challenges. Vital non-verbal cues vanish, delays disrupt responses, technical hiccups break conversational rhythm, and physical distance can breed disrespect. Armed with Reflect AI, a blend of tutor and monitor, we're tackling these challenges head-on.


Reflect AI is your ally against gendered, ageist, sexist, racist, and ableist language. Born from research for my book, Alpha Girls (the women pictured with me are the subjects of that book), we devised the AI to look for gendered and diminishing language. Now, Reflect's expanded mission targets communication issues across all genders, striving to diminish the risk of litigation-triggering discourse.


Our team has harnessed generative AI to craft a classifier that dissects aspects of an individual’s written and video communication, from empathy and positivity to respect and confidence. It also intercepts and flags potential harmful, libelous, and illegal communication. Our goal is to empower individuals with insights and practical feedback, fostering effective communication, stronger relationships, and enhanced collaboration in the workplace.


We're not just building better communicators, we're also mitigating corporate risk, preserving capital, and delivering individual advancement and learning. With Alphy and Reflect AI, we're ushering in a new era of communication, one that prioritizes understanding and productivity over misunderstanding and legal strife."

- Julian Guthrie, Founder & CEO, Alphy

Using AI to improve human communication.

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