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Built on trust.

At Alphy, we prioritize your trust and privacy above all else. Our tools are designed with you in mind, and safeguarding your information remains central to our values. We employ industry-standard security practices and we are dedicated to advancing AI innovation responsibly and safely.

Here are the measures we take to safeguard your data and trust: 

Is Reflect AI secure?

We place a high priority on information security and maintain a vigilant stance.


Is Reflect AI a privacy risk?

We adhere to stringent protections for our users and prioritize privacy by design. For more detailed information, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy.


Does Reflect AI sell your data?

No, we do not and will not sell user data. Our revenue comes from user subscriptions, and we do not assist third parties in advertising to our users.


Is Reflect AI a keylogger?

No, Reflect AI is not a keylogger. A keylogger secretly records every keystroke and sends data to a third party without the user's knowledge. Our product does not fit this description.


What data does Reflect AI collect?

In order to better serve our users, Reflect AI collects essential information, including usernames, email addresses, and contact and language preferences. You can find more details in our Privacy Policy, and any user can request access to all data associated with their account through the account hub.


Can Reflect AI by Alphy see or use your writing?

No one at Reflect AI can access your text at will; we rigorously control access to user data. You own the content you create.


Does Reflect AI use cookies? What is Reflect AI by Alphy’s cookie policy?

Yes, Reflect AI’s website employs cookies. We encourage you to review our Cookie Policy for more information.


Is Reflect AI reliable and accurate?

We're constantly improving Reflect AI's ability to correctly identify unlawful, harmful, and helpful language. Our internal tests show it has a 91% accuracy in identifying the types of communication it is trained to recognize. We appreciate your feedback. Please use the "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" buttons to give input or write to us with your ideas for improvement.


What are Reflect AI's Terms of Service?

We advise all users to thoroughly review our complete Terms of Service.


Who owns Reflect AI?

Reflect AI is a privately held company. You can find more about our story on our About Us page. Our revenue is generated from subscription sales, not from selling user data.


How does Reflect AI use my data?

Across all our product offerings, Reflect AI maintains a user-first approach to security and privacy, ensuring the safety and security of users' data. We take great care to isolate each customer's data. Any content reviewed or generated with Reflect AI by Alphy is never shared with other customers.


Data used to power Reflect AI's features, such as prompt type, prompt text, and context, may be shared with a small number of carefully vetted partners solely to enhance your Reflect AI experience. We do not permit partners or third parties to use your data for training their models or improving their products.


Reflect AI conducts a thorough vendor-review process, including multi-step security and privacy assessments, a detailed review of vendor compliance, and a comprehensive legal review of subprocessor data practices before engaging with any subprocessors.

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