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Reflect AI for Gmail, Meet and Gmail add-on.

Reflect AI™ is a Gmail™ extension and Google add-on that detects harmful language, including topic, tone, “isms,” confidence, and appropriateness and gives users a chance to reconsider before they hit send.

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Reflect AI Gmail™ extension and add-on.

Ensure your messages are as risk-free and respectful as possible. Reflect AI allows users an opportunity to reconsider and rephrase language that may be harmful — before hitting “send.”

Reflect AI Gmail™ extension and add-on shown.
Add-on coming soon.

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Reflect AI for Google Meet™.

Reflect is like a personal communication coach that gives you feedback about what you say in video meetings by providing you with on-screen feedback that allows you to adjust your tone and content in real time.

Need help?

Contact if you have any questions  regarding Reflect AI for Gmail™ or Google Workspace™.

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