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We mind
our business. Not yours.

Safeguarding our users' information stands as our highest priority at Alphy. Whether you utilize our add-ins, browser extensions, or other products, rest assured that we take extensive measures to encrypt, maintain privacy, and secure your data.

Reflect AI - Privacy - We mind our business. Not yours.

Our privacy safeguards at a glance

Reflect AI - Security - Industry standard security infrastructure.

We don't sell your data

Instead, our revenue is generated when customers subscribe to Alphy SMB or Enterprise.

Reflect AI - Privacy - We don't record every keystroke

We don't record every keystroke


Alphy product offerings only access text while you use our products.

Reflect AI - Privacy - We obscure numbers

We obscure numbers

Reflect AI is restricted from analyzing "sensitive" figures, such as birthdates, SSNs, and phone numbers.

Reflect AI - Privacy - We tightly control access to data

We tightly control access
to data

Customer data access is tightly regulated, allowing only authorized personnel with genuine work-related needs to access it.

Reflect AI - Privacy - You own your data

You own your data


Alphy assists in reviewing your text, but it never claims ownership. Your work always remains entirely yours.

Reflect AI - Privacy - We're committed to privacy compliance

We’re committed to privacy compliance

We adhere to government privacy regulations and frameworks concerning data privacy and protection.

We prioritize your privacy.

Feel confident that Alphy places a strong emphasis on safeguarding your data. This section outlines the rigorous protections we have in place.


We Never Sell User Data


At Alphy, we do not and will never sell user data. We do not share information with third parties for advertising purposes. Our financial interests align directly with those of our users; we generate revenue when customers purchase our paid products.

Transparent Reflect AI Activity

You will always be informed when Reflect AI is active. Look for a visible logo or icon displaying suggestions. For Reflect AI Browser Extension users, you can control its activation with the on/off toggle.

Strict Control of User Data

Alphy maintains tight control over access to customer data across our network, infrastructure, and services. Only authorized personnel with a genuine need to access critical data are granted access. This adheres to the principle of least privilege. We rely on trusted third-party vendors for specific services, such as server hosting, email communication, and customer support.

You Own Your Content

You retain full rights to your text, including copyrights and duplication privileges. In essence, your work always belongs to you.

Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations

Alphy complies with relevant regulations, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other frameworks that govern our privacy obligations.

Access to Your Personal Data

You can access the personal data associated with your account by submitting a request through your account hub. This ensures that only you, while logged in, can request information about yourself. If you delete your account, we will remove your personal information from our systems.

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